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  1. I have a soldier who left for F&F on 21st September 1915 and died in Bulgaria on 6.12.1918. I have tried to use the calculator to establish when he may have attested without any joy as I am told the gratuity was greater than given to a Private soldier. In the ‘Register of Soldier’s Effects’ it states “including War Grant £24.10.0”. Does this mean that I will not be able to calculate the date of the man’s Attestation?

  2. Hi, I have used the calculator for a soldier we have talked about on the Great War Forum, Frank James, and it comes out as 14 months. As he was killed in May 1917, and you say the gratuity was £4 that gives me a date of April 1916, if he was given credit for part months, e.g. April 1916 and May 1917. Would this be when he served overseas? I ask as I have optained a copy of his will dated December 1915.

    Thanks Martyn

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